Classes for early development through university prep courses + tutoring, foreign languages, development of artistic expression provided by talented and cooperative teachers. Classes start on September 29th!

Marina Vilensky

Russian Language and Literature Teacher,
German Language Teacher.

Mrs. Vilensky is a highly qualified instructor with extensive experience in teaching. She has a unique method of teaching Russian as a second language as well as the shortcut method of teaching children of all ages.

Mrs. Vilensky has over twenty years of experience in teaching Russian and German Languages in prestigious universities in the heart of Russian culture in the St. Petersburg, Russia. From 1972 to 1992 she was a Professor in the German Language Department at Russian State Pedagogical University and was a Professor of Russian Language at State Agricultural University. Her employed teaching methods are recognized as the most advanced and effective in Europe. Currently she is an editor of the Russian newspaper in Philadelphia.

Vadim Lekhtsiyer

Middle/High School Math Teacher, Physics Teacher

Mr. Lekhtsiyer is an experienced teacher and researcher with a background in mathematical and theoretical physics. He has taught high school and college courses in Physics (General and Theoretical) and Mathematics (Pre-algebra, Algebra I and II, Pre-calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus I and II) for 14 years. He has worked as a Math and Physics teacher at the Camden High School, Multi-Cultural Academy Charter School, Delaware Valley High School, Tanner Elementary School and Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia School.

Mr. Lekhtsiyer has developed software-accompanied textbooks in Physics and Mathematics: Physics (College Physics by Serway and Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway, Saunders College Publishers, 1996) and Mathematics (Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry, Scott and Foresman Publishers, 1997, and Pre-Calculus and Discrete Mathematics, Scott and Foresman Publishers, 1998). In 2006 Mr. Lekhtsiyer received a citation of excellence from the House of Representative of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for teaching in PA school district.

Alan B. Seltzer

High School English Language and Literature Teacher

Mr. Seltzer is highly qualified teacher with extensive academic experience. He received his Masters of Art Degree in English from University of Wisconsin. Mr. Seltzer has taught English Language and Literature classes, to all grades and on all academic levels for 38 years.

He has worked as a Language Arts teacher and instructor at the Berkeley School (now Berkeley College), Cherry Hill High School East, Timberlane Junior School, Hopewell Elementary School and Hopewell Valley Central High School. Since 1977 Mr. Seltzer was an adjunct instructor at Bloomsburg State College (now University), Immaculata College (now University), Manor College, and Holy Family College (now University). He currently works Bucks County Community College since 2013 . In 2008 Mr. Seltzer was awarded the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award.

Mr. Seltzer's mission as a teacher is to instill a love for learning the English language which would include a love of reading and writing. Mr. Seltzer wants students to become skilled in written expression of their thoughts and feelings. Along with learning how to writing clearly and efficiently but with the student's sense of tone within their writing.

Natalya Dorfman

Elementary School Math Teacher, Early Development Teacher

Mrs Dorfman has over thirty years of professional experience. From 1985 to 2003 she was Math and Physics teacher in a highly prestigious high school located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Her curriculum was based on advanced levels in mathematics, economics and physics. She has worked as ESL teacher in Loesche Elementary School in the Philadelphia School District during year of 2013. Currently, Mrs. Dorfman the teacher at the Bambi Day Care Education Center and is Math teacher at the Red Lion Elementary School.

Oksana Sulimova

Art Teacher

Mrs. Sulimova is an inspired professional artist who has been painting since she was five years of age. She was at the top of her art class, she attended and received her diploma from the Kaluga College of Culture. She is certified as a professional artist, art teacher and art business manager. She attended the Moscow State Pedagogical University in the 1990's. Oksana Sulimova now continues to pursue her passion for art both as a professional artist and as an art instructor. She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (N.A.W.A.) and a member of the Russian Americans United Council of the Arts. For many years she has ran an informal home-based art studio for children of all ages. The goal of her classes is to get the student to feel confident, creative and passionate about visual art, develop observation and comparison skills.

Shawn Daly

High School Chemistry. Physics Teacher

Shawn Daly has a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from Temple University and Graduate Degree from Drexel University in Chemistry. Shawn worked in government and industrial chemistry positions, which involved him testing raw materials, pharmaceutical materials and analyzing soil, drinking water and paint for lead levels. Shawn also worked as a college level instructor for 13 years and 3 years as a High School Teacher. He worked at Montgomery County Community College, Northeast Preparatory School, and Calvary Christian Academy. Shawn prepared students for Medical College Admission Test through his knowledge and skill sets in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Shawn also has volunteered his time to educate students in his neighborhood through Free Library of Philadelphia (Summer Reading Program), Big Brothers of Philadelphia, and Project Give (After School Tutoring).

Oliva Irene Rojas Escobar

Spanish Teacher

Oliva Irene Rojas Escobar has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from The Antonio Nariño University from Cali, Valle and Postgraduate Degrees from Pontificial Xaverian University in Child Neuropsychology, Santiago de Cali University in Child Pedagogy Education. Oliva has 18 years of teaching experience and is a native Spanish Speaker. Her love for children, education and the Spanish language has lead her on a path to understand language in the fields neurology, linguistics, psychology and education. Oliva has taught English as a Second Language to students of all ages and adults. Oliva has worked at the Elementary, Middle School, High School and College Levels of teaching the Spanish language. Oliva has teacher qualifications in Pedagogy Programs from Santiago de Cali University and has taught classes with children who are deaf. Oliva currently works in Grace Kids Academy as a lead teacher, teaching bilingual classes English and Spanish to toddler and preschool children.

Shirley Robson

Elementary /Middle School English Teacher

Ms. Robson has a Bachelor Degree in English from Temple University and graduate courses in education from Temple University Graduate School of Education. She is a certified English teacher. Ms. Robson has taught English classes, reading intervention classes, and Drama classes at the high school level for the past 7 years. Prior to that she taught elementary education to 2nd and 3rd grade students. One highlight of her high school teaching career was participating in the Philly Reality series at the Philadelphia Theater Company. Students worked on all aspects of a theater production under the guidance of Ms. Robson and theater artists to write, produce, direct and act on a live stage at the Philadelphia Theater Company. Ms. Robson was nominated for the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching for the 2014-15 school year. Ms. Robson’s passion is a love of literature and bringing this passion alive in her students.

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