Classes for early development through university prep courses + tutoring, foreign languages, development of artistic expression provided by talented and cooperative teachers. Classes start on September 29th!

Math Competition

This year our school will be involved in a nationwide math competition called “Math Kangaroo 2019”, their website is

This competition reaches students from 1`st grade to 12th grade. This competition allows students to shows their true potential using the math knowledge they have gained over time and use the skills they have to compete in the competition. Students in our school use the skills and knowledge they gain from their math classes (geometry, algebra, calculus, measurements, arithmetic, logic etc..) to be able to confidently take on math problems.

For more information, please direct to that page Parents will learn that they should create their (parent's) account before they register a child. That is needed for keeping track of participation, checking on results, changing theg participation place. Please feel free to send school e-mail when you have other questions at school@studentacademy.


On June 11, 2017, the Student Academy of Knowledge was showcase a Dramatic Literature Performance of a Native Russian Fairy Tale the Russian language through a song, poetry recitation competition and performance.

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