Classes for early development through university prep courses + tutoring, foreign languages, development of artistic expression provided by talented and cooperative teachers. Classes start on September 29th!

One of the best-known facts about chess is that it develops the student’s ability to solve problems and increases their intelligence.

The chess classes we provide teaches students to, develop patience, improve their concentration skills, enhance their memory, strengthen cognitive abilities, foster strategic thinking, planning and reasoning skills though mental competition. Independent thinking and decision making are important components of the chess class.

We offer chess classes to students of every level: (beginner, intermediate and advanced level). We start our chess classes for students who are 4 years of age or older. Students take part in chess-related tasks, such as puzzle–solving during tournaments, lessons provided on demonstration boards and analysis of the games from famous grandmasters. The academic chess class is supported by tournaments games. Students who are just starting to get to know how to play chess would start with the basics and then have step-by-step study tactical elements and specific aspects of chess strategy to help improve their game and confidence as a chess player. It has been proven that chess has benefited many who have played it, especially for those in academic fields such as math, chemistry and physics. Chess could become your child’s life long passion that would assist them throughout their lives by the skills they have gained by playing.

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